A good neighbour is:

We encourage all our tenants to be considerate of neighbours. You are also responsible for making sure visitors and associates to your property do not disturb your neighbours peace, comfort and privacy.

A good neighbour is considered as:

  • Considerate – respects people’s rights and privacy
  • Tolerant – understands that people may have different ways of doing things
  • Concerned – notices when something is wrong and does something about it
  • Responsible – for the actions of their families, guests and pets
  • Law abiding - does not engage in illegal activity (and will call the Police if necessary)

Noise in your neighbourhood

Please consider your neighbours. You must not do anything that interferes with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of any of the other people living in your neighbourhood.

Everybody should expect some degree of noise in their neighbourhood from time to time. If you have a problem with noise from your neighbours, try speaking to them first. If the problem continues, please contact your Kaihautū Tū Tara ā Whare | Relationship Manager or, if the noise is excessive, phone the local Council's noise control team.

Cars and parking

Please do not park vehicles on the grass or garden areas. If parking spaces are allocated, please ensure that neither you nor a visitor uses anyone else’s parking space. Abandoned or incorrectly parked vehicles that need to be removed will be at the cost of the car owner.

If you find an abandon car contact Porirua City Council at