Keep your home fire safe. 

Smoke alarms

All our homes are fitted with smoke alarms. You should have one in every bedroom, the lounge and hallway. If your smoke alarm starts to beep every now and then or you think that your alarm is faulty, you need to let us know.

If you believe the smoke alarm(s) in your home are not working, please call your Kaihautū Tū Tara ā Whare / Relationship Manager immediately. Tenants must not disconnect, tamper or remove smoke alrams.

Maintaining your smoke alarm:

  • One a month, press and hold the test button for 2 seconds to sound the alarm
  • Every 6 months, vacuum carefully or dust your smoke alarms to help reduce false alarms
  • Every year Check the expiry date. This is usually located on the bottom or side of the alarm. If your smoke alarm does not have an expiry date on it, you will need to call us.
  • Every 10 years, we will replace your smoke alarm every 10 years.

The alarm will start to beep regularly if the battery is low. Please let us know if you need help replacing the battery. Damage done to the unit could result in you paying to replace it.

You need to call us if:

  • The red light stops blinking
  • There is no sound when you press the test button
  • The smoke alarm continuously makes noises or chirps

If you accidentally set the alarm off with cooking, you need to open your windows and doors and press the hush button.

All smoke alarms will be eventually if already not replaced with long-life photoelectric smoke alarms that rely on long-life lithium batteries. Inbuilt long-life lithium batteries last if the smoke alarm. This unit lasts for 10 years.

Other safety

Keep any furniture, clothes and curtains away from heaters or fireplaces.

Don’t leave the room when cooking on the stove. If you do need to leave the room, turn off the stove first. Keep all flammable items away from the stove top when in use. Always clean your stove top after use.

Tips: If oil catches fire in your kitchen. Cut the air supply to it by placing a lid on the pot or pan. Do not use water to put out an oil fire.

If there is a fire, call 111 immediately.